Travel: Fuerteventura in Pictures

So, here I am again. Finally. I’ve been absence for a week, because I just needed to enjoy the summer and my offline life a bit. I’ve spent two weeks at Fuerteventura and then in the following week I went a few times to the cinema, read a lot, painted, relaxed and so on. On Saturday I saw „Palo Alto“ by Gia Coppola after the book „Palo Alto: Stories“ by James Franco. It’s a gorgeous film which portraits today’s youth very well – this whole „Tumblr-ish indie generation“.


On my way to Fuerteventura…

IMG_2738Cacti Love




Sand dunes which totally look like a desert


The sea.

IMG_2817At night at the beach


Rallye d’Antigua

IMG_2862Black sand




Made a glass bottom boat experience

IMG_2915On my way home




Random: Journaling, Tavi Gevinson and other stuff

 Street Style inspo from The MBFW Berlin – Journal Entry

Today there isn’t really a special subject I want to write about…My weekend was quite good – I dyed my hair pink. Right now, during writing this text, I’m listening to Tave Gevinsons speech at the Melbourne Writers Festival. She’s kind of a role model/inspiration for thousands of girls out there. And I have to say for me she’s also an Inspiration. I think I found her blog about 2 years ago and with her blog also her Magazine – The Rookie Mag. For those who doesn’t know her, she startet her blog at the age of 11 which got pretty fast A LOT of visitors. In addition to that she startet her magazine with 15. At the beginnig of this year she acted in „This is our Youth“ at the Broadway. I’m definetly not able to explain her reach in words. However, just as an example: The Rookie Mag got in the first 6 days in was out 1 million views. So, what I really waned to say is that Tavi Gevinson  is literally AMAZING! And also her speech is.

More Inspo from MBFW Berlin – Journal Entry

Moreover, I started to  read Palo Alto: Stories by James Franco. I’m not able to tell yet whether it’s a good book or not, but I really like how it’s written. The only confusing thing is that all of the short stories are written in the first person narrator and everytime you start to read a new one, you don’t know whether the story is about a boy or a girl. On the contrary, this fact is also funny because sometimes I first think the narrator is a girl and then I discover that it’s boy. Furthermore I want to see the film too. It is directed by Gia Coppola so it has to be an awesome indie film.

Yeah…That’s all for today. Have a nice afternoon!