Random: My favorite Songs 2014

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Meine einzige Zusammenfassung von 2014 wird über meine Lieblingssongs in diesem Jahr sein. Für mich ist Musik ein stetiger Begleiter und deswegen habe ich auch immer ziemlich viele Erinnerungen mit bestimmten Songs verknüpft.  Natürlich habe ich hier nicht alle, die ich gerne gehört habe, aufgeführt, sondern wirklich nur meine aller-allerliebsten.


My one and only summary about 2014 is about all my favorite songs in this year. There are quite a few memories connected to these songs. In addition to that I’ve only chosen my alltime favorites which I would also listen to now.

favorite songs 2014




Random: 2014

That’s it. 2014 is over.

I can’t say that there was something that will be always symbolic for 2014. But what I can say is that 2014 was different from 2013. I don’t want to recap everything that happened (I think no one really wants to read this – me included), though there were a lot of small events that I will forever associate with 2014.  At the end of the year, I don’t think like at the end of 2013 „What?! It’s over, how fast was this year?“. I mean, 2014 was also really fast, but I think just because I was so busy this year. There’ve been just a few moments I can count on my fingers, when I totally stand still and when I was not like most of the time full of new plans, inspiration and art.

Related to my blog, 2014 was a good year, but I think 2015 would be better and maybe a bit more different.

Happy New Year to everyone!