DIY: How to make your own sketchbook

I kind of consume sketchbook, but in the long run it’s a quite expensive Hobby. So today I’ll show you how you can make your very own sketchbook. It is totally easy and you only need things you usually have at home.

You Need:

Put the different sheets of paper on top of each other

Fold them in the middle and put them together with the stabler – at the top and at the bottom


Random: Batik dyeing

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything for  few days, but I had some really bad headache also caused by using any media and the Internet. But now I’m back! In the meantime I did some batik dyeing with the colors from Marabu. I’ll show you the results later.

Have a nice evening!

DIY: Little Candles

In der Weihnachtszeit benutze ich immer mehr Kerzen, als im restlichen Jahr, deswegen habe ich mir heute dazu ein kleines DIY einfallen lassen. Es geht super schnell und ist auch ein nettes Weihnachtsgeschenk;)

Here’s a super nice DIY for you. It’s really easy/fast and a great christmas present;)

DIY Candles 1

DIY Candles 2

DIY Candles 3

DIY Candles 4



DIY: Moon Socks

Here’s a super nice DIY for you. It just takes less than an half an hour:

DIY Moon socks 1

DIY Moon socks 2

DIY Moon socks 3

DIY Moon socks 4

 It depends on which textile marker you use, but mostly you need the flat iron to fix the colour.

I think this a nice idea to make old stuff like socks a bit more special. And have you seen the outfit from yesterday? There, I wore them too;) They’re adorable,or….?